Art of weightlessness
This wedding, like a mysterious galaxy, attracts glances, surprises, delights with its bright light, its depth


When the groom's homeland is Baikonur, and ballet occupies an important place in the bride's life, the concept of a wedding can only be like this: cosmic and soaring. Yes, this is a real "Art of weightlessness"!

We showed the couple various references and their choice fell on a combination of rounded and strict geometric shapes and unusual color solutions. They wanted to see their wedding elegant and refined, but with elements of a spectacular show.

We reflected the couple's wishes in the style, adding Art Deco elements that gave the design brightness and boldness. To find the perfect palette, we conducted a lot of color tests. And as a result, we settled on a complex and multifaceted combination of purple, turquoise, shades of blue and light blue.
In creating the atmosphere of the wedding, our task was to immerse the guests in outer space, where they will be picked up by weightlessness, surrounded by shining stars, and all attention will be focused on the birth of a new galaxy — a new family.

To do this, we completely darkened the hall, in which panoramic windows are located around the perimeter. A mirror track resembling the Milky Way was laid in the center of the site. Its surface effectively reflected light glare and gave additional volume to the space.

Special attention should be paid to the complex technique of combining gold and silver in the decor, interesting textures and textures, different types of velvet. To make it look harmonious and stylish, you need to work out each element in detail, conduct rehearsals and testing.
For example, on the tables of the guests we used gold stands for floristry, and in the serving — silver appliances. And the connecting element between gold and silver became mirror inserts.

02. AREA

The wedding took place at the Moscow City Golf Club, which is located near the center, and it is very convenient from the point of view of logistics.

Despite the fact that the venue has a beautiful open-air area, it was decided to hold the ceremony and the wedding dinner in the banquet hall. This was the wish of the bride, who did not want to depend on the changeable September weather.

We have developed an unusual spatial solution so that 190 guests can comfortably sit in the hall and have the opportunity to hold a beautiful ceremony. So, we moved the arch to the stage: it attracted the eyes of the guests all evening and did not take up additional space.
The mobility of the ceremony became an element of the show. After swearing oaths and exchanging rings, the scenery moved to opposite ends of the stage and turned into additional design elements.

An interesting feature was the location of the guests' tables. If you look at them from above, they resembled a cosmic parade of planets.


An interesting contrasting palette was chosen for this wedding, which we also supported in floristry.

To get the necessary shades, we applied the coloring technique and tested 8 different paint options and 24 combinations of applying one to another. As a result, we chose only 2, but the most ideal ones.

In addition, more than 25 varieties of flowers with complex color transitions were used, so that the floristry looked elegant and impressive.


The presidium became a key element of the decor of this wedding. The bride and groom, being behind him, seemed to be located in the center of the universe.

Its height at the top point reached 5.5 meters, and there were several reasons for choosing such a scale. Of course, such a presidium attracted the eyes of the guests and looked very impressive. But another of his tasks is to hide the technical area of light and sound control, which was located on the balcony, as well as the exit from the kitchen. This allowed the staff to leave unnoticed by the guests and not distract them.

The background behind the presidium was also unusual. It is not flat and has a curvature in three planes at once. In order for the design to be perfect and every detail to take its place, we carefully thought through everything at the 3D model stage and acted according to a clear plan during installation.


Overcome time and gravity, break away from the Earth, feel the infinity of the universe. Only true love is capable of this.

Tall and extraordinary, she inspired our team with the agency WeDoAgency to create a style with the symbolic name "The Art of Weightlessness". We will tell you about it in the section #projectinnumbers.
  • Start of work on the project: July 2019
  • The project was successfully implemented: September 28, 2019
  • 190 guests
  • 2 locations: ceremony, wedding dinner
  • 40 people in the team
  • 12 hours for installation
  • 5.5 meters height of the presidium