A real fairy tale about a prince and a princess brought together by fate


During the discussion of the decor concept with the couple, we realized that the bride and groom associate their story with a fairy tale, on their main day they would like to feel like a real prince and princess. That is why the couple chose the Villa Rotonda site, which resembled a fairy-tale palace located among the picturesque nature. We had to think over the decor in detail and fit suitable visual solutions into it.


The arch for the ceremony was made in the form of a rotunda and consisted of thin mirror threads-columns entwined with hydrangeas. Mirror threads and hydrangea, located at the base of the arch, created a feeling of floral foam, lightness and lightness, which made it possible to visually soften the monumentality of the structure.

We created the dome of the rotunda for the ceremony from a weightless flower hat. Similar magnificent palace forms were used in the design of the hall, which helped us to emphasize the feeling that the couple is in a luxurious castle. A castle made of flowers.

The center of the flower dome was decorated with white and pale pink buds, which enlivened the static composition under the rays of the sun.


The presidium at the wedding dinner was decorated with a slender line of floristry. For the arrangement of the buds, we chose the ombre technique, with which we performed a double smooth transition from pure, snow-white floristry to saturated: purple and pink.

The mirrored racks behind the presidium were harmoniously combined with the main structure, which serves as a table for the bride and groom.

An important detail of the design was also small flowers entwining mirror threads. We created smooth silver waves manually, forming the necessary bends and fixing the buds. The result was amazing! There was a feeling that forged flowers participated in the composition, which once, a long time ago, decorated the ancient lattices of a mysterious castle.