Circle of love
a circle, perfect and concise, as a symbol of infinity


A favorite and very important symbol for the bride and groom is a circle. According to their feelings, the familiar figure of eight is a complex interpretation of infinity, but in fact infinity is the most ordinary circle, perfect and concise.

We made it a cross-cutting motif in the design and serving: a round pontoon in the center of a round lake, a ring in the bride's gathering area, a round dance floor, round tables with round vases and other elements.


At the first meeting with the bride Anastasia, we learned that her favorite flowers are cornflowers and bluebells.

Realizing that the elegant natural style is very close to the couple, we offered a color scheme in blue and light blue tones with small pink accents. A similar floral print decorated the bride's dress and combined it looked so romantic and gentle.


It is from the morning of the bride that the wedding day begins and the mood of the whole holiday largely depends on it.

To make this moment truly memorable, we wanted to give the bride moments of soaring lightness. To do this, we have designed a swing in the shape of a ring — elegant and reliable. In the photo you will not see the supports, because we have made sure that they do not fall into the frame. The circle, as an important symbol for the couple, was also beaten here.

After the gathering, the space was converted into a lounge area, without disassembling the overall frame. The guests enjoyed swinging on the swing and taking pictures. Elena Krygina, for example, was noticed here.


Since there is a beautiful pond in the center of the Skyriver site, a bold decision was proposed to hold the ceremony on the water! It should be noted that the newlyweds Anastasia and Alexey were initially determined to make this day unforgettable and, having received full support from them, we started working.

For its part, the agency offered a non-standard seating arrangement: to make only 2 rows of chairs so that each guest gets a great view of the ceremony. It took the team 30 hours to assemble, trim and floral design the pontoon. The main process took place right on the water, which added responsibility.

Finally, the romantic moment came when the bride's dad brought her to the groom by boat and the words of the oath were pronounced.


Listening to the wishes of the bride, we made a floral selection, in which there were no classic wedding flowers at all — roses, hydrangeas, peonies.
To convey the concept of proximity to nature, we picked up chrysanthemums and allium of rounded shape, airy textures of gypsophila and limonium, various dried flowers. Artfully put together, they resembled a textured herbarium.


The couple has prepared a lot of interesting locations for their guests, and we are happy to take up their implementation.

A bread house, attracting the aroma of fresh pastries. The station where the guests were presented with wreaths of wildflowers. Lounge area with swings. Areas where guests could relax, enjoy a cigar or hookah, ice cream or cocktail.

Thanks to the excellent ideas of the couple and the work of the whole team, a real open-air festival has spread out on the Skyriver site.


We have collected impressive statistics about the amount of work that was done on the wedding project at the Skyriver site.

  • Start of work on the project: December 2018
  • The project was successfully implemented: June 2019
  • 98 guests
  • 15 locations
  • 32 hours for installation
  • 7 working shifts
  • of 70 florists, decorators & assistants in a team
  • of 8 installers assembled and fixed a pontoon of 188 blocks for 20 hours