Learn how to wrap various gifts and tie perfect bows
like a Pro
The course covers all the main techniques and secrets of professional gift wrapping. We put a lot of thought into it in order to give exclusive and full information about the packaging of the most popular forms - rectangular and cube boxes, soft things, certificates, irregular forms, even cars. Our teacher has 10 years of experience and gladly share it with students.
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What you'll learn
  • 1
    how to choose the packing materials
  • 2
    what makes you a professional in wrapping techniques
  • 3
    how to pack rectangular & square boxes, books, soft items (such as scarfs, etc.), baskets
  • 4
    how to make different types of bows
  • 5
    how to decorate the inner part of the gift box
  • 6
    how to add packaging accessories for extra value
Course Program
  1. Packing materials
  2. Rectangular & square boxes
  3. Making different types of bows
  4. Packing books and soft items (such as scarfs, etc.)
  5. Decorating the inner part of the gift box
  6. Gifts with unusual forms
  7. How to pack gift baskets
  8. Adding packaging accessories for extra value
Course details
Online course (4 hours of lectures)
Duration: three months access, watch and learn when you're ready
Perfect for florists, florist shop owners, people who want to make it a separate business, and everyone who'd like to bring happiness to their loved ones
You'll receive an e-certificate upon successful completion of the course
Course is taught in Russian with English voiceover translation
You must be at least 18 years old at the time of booking.
Our tutors
Polina Bivshih
Gift Wrapping Course
online course