Elegant traditions
The wedding that has become a true embodiment of elegant traditions and refined style


We have created a detailed 3D model of the future space, calculated the location of structures and the weight of floral compositions. We assembled a frame 4 meters long and 6 meters high — invisible to guests. Combined lightness and texture of materials, natural volume and preset shapes, natural shades and color combinations.

The bride's favorite colors turned out to be in the garden: peach, pink and their delicate variations. We worked with roses, hydrangeas, raspberry branches, wild greens, and vine threads.

It turned out to be a light fragrant garden — a romantic place for lovers and their loved ones.


The ceremony took place in the courtyard of the St. Regis Moscow Nikolskaya Hotel. The ceremony area consisted of a large-scale triple arch, which was framed by large floral compositions.

The arch had its own technical secrets. Before starting work, we created a detailed 3D model of the future arch, which allowed us to calculate the location of the structure, correctly distribute the weight of floral arrangements and make the frame completely invisible to the guests of the celebration.

In the decor of the ceremony area, we combined lightness and texture, natural volume and preset shapes, natural shades and a variety of color combinations.


The bride dreamed that on this day she would be surrounded by hundreds of buds of her favorite pink and peach shades. It was them that we used in the decoration of the arch, creating a harmony of colors with the help of smooth transitions and a variety of garden greenery.