Dandelion is the bride's favorite flower. It was he who helped us create one of the most touching weddings


The ceremony is like a continuation of the forest, summer in the most delicate colors and airiness in the decor. This was the wedding of Sasha and Sveta.

The main wish of the couple was to leave the wedding part of nature, part of a real birch forest.Then we made a non-standard move and chose an original floristry: we took as a basis compositions of meadow plants and rare cortaderia in pink shades, leaving the classic buds only in the bride's bouquet.

Fifteen hundred fluffy dandelions, eight thousand mirror elements, an infinite amount of greenery — and a complete immersion in the atmosphere of July nature!


In the evening, a mirror river of light spilled on the ceiling of the restaurant where the wedding dinner was held. We made it manually from 8 thousand parts and 2 kilometers of garlands. Three-meter clouds of dried flowers, mirrors and translucent fabric floated near the river.

We worked with shades of wood and field floristry. And the panoramic windows of the hall with a view of the forest edge supported the natural mood of the holiday.