Gentle dreams
A wedding that combines antiquity and mystery


We offered the couple several variants of the concept, and they chose the theme of an elven fairy tale in a pale pink scale, where the main role was given to unique floral ornaments. At the ceremony, we implemented an unusual solution: a large rotunda was entwined with tree branches, creating a sense of eternity. It seemed that they had been growing up here for many years and would remain forever.


This fairy tale began in the early morning. When the first rays of the sun dispersed the fog, the adorable bride Lily was taking a milk bath with flower petals. We added a little more magic with the flickering of candles in luxurious candelabra.

But the most beautiful and at the same time complex element of the design was the ceremony area and the rotunda, which was an interweaving of an unusual floral pattern that came together under
the dome.

The ideal result required the most accurate rendering of the layouts, and the ornament was designed in such a way that the joints coincided with each other and turned out to be invisible.

And it's a special pleasure to watch the sketches come to life and the fairy tale begins!


It's hard to believe, but often the work on the bride's bouquet can go as long as the approval of the project itself. In this wedding, the bride's bouquet was given a special role. A detailed sketch of the bouquet was included in the design project to make sure that it would be 100% in harmony with the image of the bride and the overall design.

We have offered a truly magical bouquet for Lily's bride: bold, delicate and refined. Thanks to the asymmetrical shape and unusual floral composition, we managed to achieve a sense of mystery and lightness.

In the hands of the bride, he seemed to come to life, turning her into a real elf princess.

04. AREA

The wedding took place on the beautiful site of the LES Event House near Moscow in a tent, work with which always has a certain specificity. Special attention was paid to drapery, proper lighting and floor covering.

In addition, we had to solve the issue of space zoning: the room is quite large and could look empty without additional solutions. Therefore, we have proposed an unusual mix of round and oval tables. This helped to fill the space and maintain a uniform asymmetry effect for the whole concept in the hall.


Floristry for this project simply could not be traditional and familiar. Only a fairy tale, only magic.

We used more than 2500 stems of Alexandra Farms garden roses of amazing quality, delphinium, hydrangeas, eringium. To emphasize the fantasticism of what is happening, we painted some of the flowers and greenery in silver.

We did not use floral foam in the design of the rotunda, thanks to which we achieved a feeling of lightness and weightlessness.

To emphasize the fairy—tale style of the elven city, the floristry was clearly divided into two parts: on one side of the rotunda, compositions with delphinium were placed, on the other - with roses.


And now let's talk about our fabulous project in numbers.

  • Start of work on the project: June 2019
  • The project was successfully implemented: August 2019
  • 43 guests
  • 3 locations: ceremony, dinner and morning of the bride
  • 36 hours for installation
  • 3 working shifts
  • 25 people in a team
  • 4.7 meters high rotunda