This is not a dream, this is my love
To give the classics a new reading, to create a cozy and atmospheric wedding, beautiful, luxurious and elegant in every detail — that's what we worked on

01. AREA

As a platform, the couple chose a large veranda of 1000 m2 with panoramic glazing, which is located in the Volynskoe Congress Park. To create a festive atmosphere in such a spacious room, as well as to emphasize the status of the event, we suggested draping the ceiling and partially the walls. The deep blue color of the fabric, combined with the right lighting, visually completely transformed the space, made it more compact and, if you look at the layout of the hall from above, square.

We continued the difficult work with shades of blue in all the textiles that were used in the design. The colors had to differ in semitones so as not to merge, but also not to differ radically.


A classic—style wedding for Flowerbazar is a story about the search for creative solutions, a new vision, large-scale ideas and an unconventional approach.

So, we offered the couple an unusual drapery of deep dark blue color, which favorably emphasized the key element of the design - a huge suspended structure, which is a combination of crystal chandeliers and a weave of golden branches. Thanks to the correct lighting and reflection in the shimmering mirrored dance floor, she looked incredibly impressive and attracted glances.

But in order to realize this idea, we needed to take care of the quality of fixing the structure to the ceiling, since together with the farm it weighed about 250 kg.

The task was solved together with our technical director at many hours of planning meetings: we discussed in detail how the trusses would be attached and in what sequence to minimize the load, who would install them and when. The approval process took us 2 weeks, but the safety of the guests is above all!


Volynskoe Congress Park is one of the few venues in Moscow that has its own forest park area. This allows the ceremony to be held in the open air. But in this case, you always need to be prepared for the surprises of nature.

On the night before this wedding, it rained heavily, which washed out the paths in the registration area. We took care of this problem in advance and bought a tile, which laid out a passage for a couple and guests. Fortunately, it was sunny and warm during the registration itself.

An important point when working with the site is timing planning. A large-scale corporate event took place on the veranda the day before, so we specified the time of dismantling in advance and planned our own installation so as to avoid hitches and delays.


The floral story at this wedding was bohemian and luxurious, in a complex and interesting palette. Getting into the hall, the guests seemed to find themselves on the shore of a night lake, in the mirror surface of which the stars were reflected and the moon shone.

It was possible to achieve this effect with the help of deep blue drapery, mirrored surface of tables and dance floor, as well as suspended chandeliers and compositions of flowers and leaves painted in gold.
To preserve the feeling of lightness and airiness, we used a block division of floristry and an unusual floral composition.

We also offered a spectacular solution for the decoration of the guests' tables. The golden branches seemed to float above them in the air, curiously bending. It's all about the specially designed racks that have created such an amazing effect.


The story of this luxurious project in the classical style would be incomplete without our traditional statistics.

  • Start of work on the project: February 2019
  • The project was successfully implemented: August 2019
  • 150 guests
  • 2 locations: ceremony and wedding dinner
  • 14 hours for installation
  • Drapery for 600 ml
  • 60 florists, decorators & assistants in the team
  • Weight of the suspended structure in the hall: 250 kg
  • Number of plant species and varieties: 25