Wedding based on paintings by the Russian artist Bilibin

01. AREA

The Serednikovo estate, where the celebration took place, is itself a place of incredible beauty — an example of the architectural and park architecture of Russian classicism.
We used the beauty of this place, added fairy tales and mysticism — and that's what we got. The classic four-point arch has become an absolute continuation of the forest landscape.


"Mystical!" - that's how the bride answered at our first meeting to the question of what kind of wedding she wants. The drapery we created, the royal chandeliers and the right light helped add magic.

Scattered fruits, dark greenery, crystal, tapestry on chairs, mushrooms in the arch, golden branches, hand-painted, complex floral arrangements, deep, rich colors of textiles, copper bowls, crystal candlesticks and hundreds of candles.
Everything, every element, mattered and played its part.


William Morris's signature ornaments inspired us to create a backdrop of canvases of different textures.

William Morris is an English poet, novelist, artist, the largest representative of the second generation of pre—Raphaelites and one of the founders of the modern tapiseria.

Each table for guests had its own symbol — an animal from Russian fairy tales, epics or engravings. For example, a scientist cat or a mermaid on the branches.


The floristry of this project organically fit into the interiors based on the ideas of Bilibin's creativity.

For two weeks in two countries we carefully selected plants: lupines, raspberries, geyhera leaves, two types of bluebells, Turkish carnation, peonies, delphinium — in Russia, fig branches, lilies, roses, jasmine, fragrant tuberoses - in Holland.