Our universe

Galactic—scale weddings are our level


We wanted to embody the outer space in the style and recreated the drawing of the starry sky in the banquet hall with the help of specialists — the way it was at the time of the ceremony over Moscow. The beautiful bride Denmark gladly responded to our offer to experiment. At the same time, it was important for the newlyweds that their relatives, who are used to a more classical approach, accept the concept of a wedding.

According to the Kazakh custom, the bride follows the "White Path" to meet the groom. When Denmark stepped on it, the Milky Way lay over her head — a large-scale installation that we assembled manually. This is how we combined a modern approach and traditions.


In order to properly arrange the lighting in the hall, we made accurate calculations and created detailed sketches. As a result, the rays penetrated into certain points, illuminated key elements of the space decor and resembled traces of comets.

For the design of the presidium, we used more than ten shades of gypsophila. Due to its natural shape, it turned out to be the most consonant with the star theme.

The optical illusion and multi-layered mirror designs with cosmic ornaments created a fascinating effect behind the table: the guests had a feeling as if they were being pulled into the depths of the night sky.


Live floral compositions helped us to add natural naturalness to the design. Gypsophila, carnations, chrysanthemums, lunaria and lilies — we used flowers that are not often found at modern weddings.

But it was they who decorated family holidays 20 years ago, and became a symbol of the newlyweds' respect for traditions. Flower buds are like a scattering of stars, hand-painted stems are like long tails of comets. And gypsophila in the image of endless stardust became the main character of the fantastic concept.