Every season we are waiting for such a wedding: soaring, light, gentle.


This is how Victoria and Sergey imagined their wedding. And Svadberry agency entrusted our team to make the couple's dreams come true.

For the ceremony, we offered an elegant and refined concept: a thin arch with curves for the ceremony, pink and lilac accents in colors, transparent crystal and mirror surfaces. This concept was perfect for the venue that was chosen for the celebration.

02. AREA

Creating decor in Agalarov Estate is always a pleasant task. The hall for the wedding dinner is laconic and beautiful, with a classic interior, and the area in front of the banquet hall admires the beauty of landscape solutions.

There are quite a lot of interior panels in the restaurant and in order to visually align the space, we designed a panel with a unique ornament. It covered the wall behind the table of the newlyweds and was as long as 10 meters. This allowed us to build a hall to match the color scheme of the wedding.

Since the hall is made in bright colors, we have provided such an important detail as the masking of technical equipment. "Dark spots" on photos and videos would be unacceptable. Therefore, we agreed in advance with the technical contractor on the equipment provided and sewed textile covers for him in the wedding range.


The floral selection for this wedding, as always, was as thoughtful and refined as possible. Notice how skillfully our florists have achieved smooth transitions from white to purple. Despite the scale, attention is felt in every detail. So, in the compositions you can see scabiosa, and latyrus, and eustoma.

The unusual design of the ceremony has become a real platform for the skill of florists. The transparency of the vertical lines allowed us to show the different levels of flower groups. When applied, the flowers resembled splashes of paint scattered by the brush of a talented artist. It was possible to view this floral pattern from all sides — it looked airy, light and harmonious.

Moving into the chamber hall of the Agalarov Estate restaurant, we see that the florists managed to maintain the necessary balance: not to overload the room with flowers, but also to create the effect of solemnity.


The Presidium always deserves our special attention. The table for the newlyweds was made using reflective surfaces. This created an amazing feeling for the couple, as if flowers surround them from all sides. It looked especially impressive in combination with a glossy track sparkling in the rays of spotlights.

Behind the presidium, we installed a 10-meter panel with an ornament designed specifically for this wedding. Although we didn't have much time to prepare, we did a lot of color tests before we achieved the perfect shade of the canvas.

To create a sense of volume, part of the ornament was applied to stained glass windows made of cast polycarbonate using a new technology. And the effect of layering was achieved by combining several types of decorative films.


A wedding in a classic style is always a story about details. They add uniqueness and make the concept unique. And our rubric #projectvcifrah only confirms this.

  • Start of work on the project: August 2019
  • The project was successfully implemented: August 29, 2019
  • 57 guests
  • 4 locations: ceremony, wedding dinner, stage and photo zone
  • 50 people in the team
  • 2 weeks to develop the concept
  • 3.5 meters is the highest point of the arch
  • is 500 m of crystal for the decoration of the ceremony area
  • 20 varieties of plants