Snowy morning
Elegant and delicate, classic and solemn, with light accents reminiscent of a snowy and frosty winter, wedding


Kristina and Maxim presented their ideal holiday as refined and refined, delicate and subtle, with spectacular details that will be remembered by each of the guests. They liked the classic style, light and clean colors, delicate floristry. The newlyweds remained true to their preferences.

We offered the couple an elegant style with a cozy winter atmosphere. Snow-white flowers, silver serving details, crystal glasses, tree branches covered with sparkling frost, flickering candles.

It seemed that soft snow was about to swirl around the hall, the air would become fresh and frosty, and the guests would want to warm up in each other's arms.
The couple also had one more important wish. The bride loves white roses very much, and the groom gives her luxurious bouquets of them every month. Therefore, they imagined their wedding day drowning in lush compositions of white roses.
We suggested emphasizing the beauty of this noble flower with the help of aerial orchids, and the frost-covered twigs created the effect of a frozen moment from frost, turned floristry into a real winter inspiration!

02. AREA

This wedding is the very embodiment of classics. For the ceremony and the wedding dinner, the mansion of P.P. Smirnov and Maison Baccarat were chosen, the interior of which literally breathes history. Majestic columns, high ceilings, luxurious chandeliers, stucco patterns, wooden parquet — in such an interior, the decor should dissolve, turn into its integral part, complement and emphasize the beauty of the space.

We achieved this effect with the help of textiles, the color of which was carefully selected so that it perfectly matched the shade of the walls. Mirrored guest tables reflected the surrounding interior, created a sense of three-dimensionality, added an additional play of light. And the snow-white floristry became a spectacular accent.


The romantic and mysterious atmosphere of the ancient house of P.P. Smirnov is simply created for a wedding ceremony. We emphasized the classic Art Nouveau interior with unusually beautiful panoramic windows with the help of lush compositions of white roses and orchids. And the magic was added with the help of candles in elegant silver candlesticks.

As soon as the guests entered the mansion, they were transported into a fabulous winter dream. We climbed a wide staircase, on which snow-white roses seemed to freeze from the snowy breath. Their thin petals shone in the flickering candles and riveted the eyes. Everything was exactly as the bride dreamed.

This staircase became not only a place to meet guests, but also a luxurious photo zone where everyone could take a picture in memory of this amazing day.


The wedding dinner was held at the Maison Baccarat restaurant. This is a historic building in the very center of Moscow, which used to house Ferreina pharmacy, and now houses a luxury restaurant. Every detail of the interior here is a work of art.

It is always necessary to work in such a space with special care so as not to damage furniture items or decoration. To do this, we came up with designs that do not require additional fasteners to the walls or ceiling and, of course, carefully controlled the process of installation and dismantling of decorations.


A snowy morning is like an inspiration. When splashes of sunlight scatter over snow-white snowdrifts. When the branches of the trees sparkle with silver frost. When everything freezes, freezes in anticipation of a miracle...

Every guest of Kristina and Maxim's wedding could feel this magical mood. And now you can too!
  • Start of work on the project: December 2019
  • The project was successfully implemented: January 24, 2020
  • 57 guests
  • 1 day for installation
  • 3 locations
  • 1 working shift
  • 18 people in the team