True wedding
Dream wedding under the lapping of waves, sea breeze and under the light of the old lighthouse

01. AREA

We are sure that this wedding will go down in history. Everything coincided here: the couple's bold wishes, the agency's perfectionism and the capabilities of our team. In one month we have done almost the impossible together.

An abandoned 400-meter pier was put in order, the lighthouse was restored, natural floristry was recreated and a wooden gazebo was erected for a banquet.

That evening, the Curonian Lagoon gave the couple and their guests a truly perfect evening. With a light wind, clear sky and an incredible sea sunset. A day that will be remembered forever.


Everything you see is created by our hands.

It's hard to believe, but we managed to recreate the natural vegetation around the abandoned lighthouse, which resembles the Scandinavian landscape as much as possible.

The eye does not distinguish details and enjoys the overall beauty of the picture. All thanks to the fact that our florists have thought through every inch of space. Dried flowers, grasses, driftwood, stones and even sand are located here for a reason and are securely secured from the wind. Behind the apparent natural naturalness lies the great work of the whole team.


The quality of the event decorator's work is checked not only in scale, but above all in attention to detail. The wedding guests looked at the details of the decoration and serving with interest, and we guaranteed the quality to the slightest nuances.

We want to show how thoughtful the decor of a wedding can be, which is made by professionals. In these frames you will feel our attention to detail and sense of style.


How important is the bride's bouquet? We pay a lot of attention to this small detail, regardless of the scale of the wedding.
Our florists always create a bride's bouquet in perfect harmony with her image and the overall concept of the holiday.


Лучше тысячи слов об этом проекте говорят точные цифры:

  • Старт работы над проектом: апрель 2019
  • Проект успешно реализован: август 2019
  • 25 гостей
  • 2 локации: церемония и свадебный ужин
  • 40 часов на монтаж
  • 5 рабочих смен
  • 40 флористов, декораторов & ассистентов в команде