United by heaven

"It's only paradise when we can share it with you" is the main phrase of our romantic wedding in the Maldives, which best reflects the couple's love for each other and their guests.


When a couple loves traveling and airplanes, and their love story begins somewhere above the clouds, the concept of a wedding appears by itself. Mikhail and Evgenia were really connected by the sky, and we tried to reflect this in the decor. For example, we had the idea to make a ceremony, the top view of which resembled the propellers of an airplane. Everything brilliant is simple!

Our main task was to emphasize the beauty of the island, add an atmosphere of solemnity with the help of harmonious elements: gilded branches of palm trees, unusual floristics and delicate colors.

The atmosphere of the wedding was emphasized by luxurious tropical trees, hot sand and azure ocean. For one day, the paradise Maldives turned into a wedding fairy tale, in which the branches of palm trees were covered with gold and delicate exotic flowers bloomed everywhere.


The ceremony was held at the Finolhu Maldives Hotel, where world stars like Leonardo DiCaprio rest. The style of the interiors is elegant minimalism and conciseness. The task was to integrate our own design into the decor of the hotel and create a spiritual holiday for 90 guests. Who, by the way, gathered from all over the world — it was an extremely fun two-day wedding!

We brought 500 kilograms of decor and flowers from Moscow to the most beautiful island. The decor and installation took one week.


The color harmony of the composition reflected the bride's wish: a smooth ombre from snow-white floristry to rich pink bouquets. Light powdery and mother-of-pearl shades were gently combined with coral-colored buds. The surface of the playground repeated the shade of the beach sand scorched in the sun.