We list and find out the most common ways to prolong the life of plants and what is wrong with them
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August, 2020
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The top priority for every florist is to keep cut plants fresh for as long as possible.

In this article, we will talk about the factors that affect its lifespan and give you some tips on how to keep flowers alive longer.
Why they do it
Many florists (sometimes without knowing it) thus increase the amount of nutrients needed by the plant. And it even makes sense, because the flower really needs carbohydrates.
Why it won't work
This is one of the cases when we cure the disease and kill the patient. Sugar and other sweeteners are the best way to promote the reproduction of the very bacteria that won't leave plants a ghost of a chance.
Why they do it
It is hard to believe, but some florists still use this method to revive their flowers. According to them, a plant can then consume water not only through its cut but with all its floral spirit, thus starting to feel extremely well. It is usually a hydrangea that gets tortured this way.
Why it won't work
In fact, it has been explained in a school biology textbook: all flowers only absorb water through its cuts (through the xylem in their stems)!
That is just a myth that hydrangea drinks water through their flower heads. However, moisture, passing through a stem, evaporates exactly from flower heads! When putting them in the water you simply slow down this natural process of evaporation and revitalize your plant for a little while.
All these mumbo-jumbo manipulations can make some sense in case of an emergency on the wedding but for retail floristry, they only pose huge risks of rotting. You can not sell flowers like that.
Why they do it
People believe that vodka kills germs and disinfects water. It’s true that the germs influence the lifetime of the flower: they clog the conducting vessels of the stem, and the flower can’t get the nutrition.
Why it won't work
A flower needs nutrition just like any other living organism. Pure water without any bacteria is not enough to keep the balance of nutritional elements. So the flower won’t feel better drinking some vodka for sure!
Why they do it
Regular tap water has a pH of approximately 7 to 8. The optimal pH for the flower to stay strong is in the range from 3.5 to 5.5. If the pH gets above that level, it will contribute to the rapid development of microorganisms, so florists try to lower it by using citric acid.
Why it won't work
Using citric acid might make things even worse. Tap water varies everywhere and it is quite risky to choose the dosage without knowing the exact information. For instance, a pH value lower than 3.5 indicates an acid that can burn the flower stem.
Why they do it
People believe that in this way you increase the water absorption area and the flower drinks better, which means it stays fresh longer.
Why it won't work
In fact, the conducting vessels are located along the outer radius of the stem right under the crust and, no matter how you cut it, the consumption area cannot be increased (see the slide).
Interesting fact
The only reason we recommend cutting the plants at a 45-degree angle is that this will have less impact on the stem. If you cut it at 90 degrees with an insufficiently sharp tool, then you run the risk of crushing the stem too much (remember that the conductive canals are just under the crust and are the first to suffer!).
We use a floral knife because It is simply more convenient to cut the stem at an acute angle with it.
Empirical remedies do not work because they do not consider all the factors affecting the lifespan of a cut plant. By correcting one factor, they contribute to the creation of another.
Soaking flowers in water is not only useless but also harmful.
Cutting the stem of a flower at 45 degrees angle is advised only because this way you crush it less with a tool. The cut angle does not affect the area of water intake in any way.
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